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The Journey Behind The Trophy

The Journey Behind The Trophy

February 26, 2018

We created this coffee inspired by the Camel Trophy because we wanted to start the day not only with a great coffee, but with an inspiring story that reminded us of our passion. For all of us at Drive Coffee, the Camel Trophy has inspired us to explore, take risks, and embrace the challenge of the unknown and the company of our friends on our own adventures. For the weekend warrior that powers through the work week so that Friday afternoon they can take off on their next adventure, this coffee is great as a drip or pour-over on weekdays but we have to say feels truly in it's element in a French Press at the campsite. With premium whole bean coffee from Sumatra, the site of the 1981 Camel Trophy, we hope its robust and earthy flavor reminds you of past adventurers and inspires future ones.

It’s our opinion that to be a well rounded automotive enthusiast; we should be familiar with essential events in automotive history both on and off the road. From F1 in Monaco to the banked turns of Daytona, the gravel roads of the WRC, and yes, those endless clay trails and perilous river crossings of the Camel Trophy, as car people, we should have a balanced knowledge.

Created in 1980 (although run with Land Rovers for the first time in ‘81), the Camel Trophy was much less of a “race” between teams, and more of a collaborative effort in an epic battle of man, machine, and nature at its most unforgiving. Google “Camel Trophy” and you’ll be inundated with images of classic Land Rover Defenders, Discoverys, and Range Rovers being pushed to their limits, up to their windows in mud and water, some overturned, and their drivers, looking tired and dirty. In some ways the Camel Trophy represents the spirit of exploration and freedom many of us long for, to escape the concrete jungle of the modern world and make our way in nature with nothing but friends, gear, and some of the world’s most capable vehicles.

Though the Camel Trophy is sadly long gone, we hope it’s memory stays alive in the minds of car enthusiasts. We’re not sure about you, but we’re holding out hope that it will come back, perhaps with a different name, but the same spirit. Who knows, maybe if we sell enough coffee, we’ll bring it back one day…