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8Js Jochen Rindt - LIMITED EDITION

Drive Coffee Inc


While Formula 1 made Jochen Rindt a global superstar, his racing career had humble beginnings with his first race in 1961 with a car borrowed from his Grandmother. Though his beginnings were humble, his rise to success was rapid. By 1964, Rindt was not only racing in Fomula 2, but winning races against Formula 1 World Champion Graham Hill. By 1965, merely 4 years after Rindt began racing, he achieved an overall victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and was racing in Formula 1 with Bruce McLaren as his team mate. In 1969 Rindt joined Lotus F1, with team mate Graham Hill, and manager Bernie Ecclestone. It was in the 1970 season, behind the wheel of the Lotus 72, that Rindt would ultimately achieve his goal of becoming World Champion. Tragically, he died mid-season in a crash at Monza, however his performance in the 72 had been so dominant, that he had accumulated enough points to win the Championship, and to this day he is the only driver to have been awarded the World Drivers’ Championship posthumously. In this special edition, we have selected an exceptional Tanzanian coffee. Similar to Kenyan coffees in their bold citrus flavors, Tanzanian coffees are often slightly edgier and fuller bodied. We found this coffee to be the perfect pairing for Rindt’s story. A driver with the will, and the skill, to win against the best, yet also one with a bold personality, who lived, and raced, on his own terms.


TASTING NOTES: Baking spices and orange citrus.

Collections: All, Classic Racing Collection

Type: Coffee

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Sonja Hendry
I'd drive for Drive

I bought this as a surprise for my hubs because I really liked the containers and he's has a Steve McQueen bromance infatuation and the containers will match his McQueen shrine. It was unexpected that we liked the coffee so much! The flavor was forward but not bitter and didn't seem acidic at all. Nice fruity coffee flavors. We really liked it and will be buying again. I also liked that the containers can be used for other things or recycled if necessary and not plastic bins thrown in a landfill.

Jeanine Zoganas
It’s ok- not as rich as we like

This is, as expected with Drive coffee, a very smooth taste. However, it really is very mild, and we prefer a deeper, richer roast. If you enjoy a lighter roast, I say give it a try- you’ll likely really enjoy this one.

Gil Ocdamia

8Js Jochen Rindt - LIMITED EDITION

Matt Esche

Truly love it. Light smooth. Excited to order it again soon!

Daniel King

8Js Jochen Rindt - LIMITED EDITION

Meesh B
Good coffee!!!

Such good coffee and they even hand wrote on the packing slip! Love supporting local no matter where it is!

Tim Bogert
fantastic coffee

i've purchased this roast several times, and each time it's consistently great in any style coffee i've made - from espresso to heavily-laden-with-heavy-cream. if i could award bonus stars for the great things drive is doing for their team and in their community, i would. seriously great coffee and great company.

Richard Moore
From energy drinks to coffee

Bought a few coffees including the 8J's Jochen Rindt because even though I was never a coffee person, I wanted to give it a shot, and if nothing else, support anything car based (huge motorsports fan). The Jochen Rindt was the first one I tried and so far has been my favorite flavor profile of the 4 flavors I purchased, and even the smell out of the can is heavenly.

Chip Davis
Good but mild

Nice flavor but very mild, not a medium blend in my opinion.

Bill Bowdish
Morning Ritual

Jochen with a bit of steamed milk is my favorite wake up

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