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BAJA LATTE Nitro Cold Brew 24-Pack

Drive Coffee Inc


Inspired by Baja, Mexico, famous for one of the greatest motorsport events in the world, pristine beaches, vibrant blue waters, and as a destination for epic camping, surfing and adventure, we set about putting all of that into a can.

The BAJA LATTE uses 100% Single Origin Mexican coffee from Oaxaca, and using a proprietary espresso style cold-brew process, we then blend it with rich and creamy oat milk which receives our signature extreme Nitrogen injection to create a smooth and frothy latte in a can.

Finally, like all of our products, we torture tested this product in action on the BAJA 1000. We wanted to ensure our latte would be delicious, easy to drink at any time of day, contained the caffeine needed for energy during extremely physically and mentally demanding activities, and easily digestible. 

So whether you're getting into a Trophy Truck to rip across the Desert, waking up at your favorite beach side camp site, grabbing your board at that secret surf spot,  or just trying to power through the afternoon at work, the BAJA LATTE is your ticket. 

- Dairy Free (Made with Oat Milk)
- 4g of Sugar (Byproduct of Oat Milk manufacturing process, no sugars are added)
- 88 Calories
- Vegan
- Made with 100% Single Origin, Medium Roast Coffee

*This product requires refrigeration upon delivery

*Not available for international orders

Collections: Cold Brew Coffee Drinks

Type: Coffee

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Love this Latte! Smooth with just the right kick! The perfect anytime drink. I love it in the afternoon as it keeps me going to the end of the work day.

Arnie DiGeorge
Made me like Oat Milk

Drive coffee is excellent. I tried this oat milk latte knowing I wasn’t a big fan of oat milk. Now I am. Good stuff.

Brian Piccioni

Great taste!!

Chris Johnson
The perfect coffee

The Baja is the perfect latte. Great flavor but still tastes like coffee (amazing coffee) and is still healthy with low sugar.

Peter Zafris
pleasantly surprised!

It has a nice creamy finish for a delicious latte. I like it over ice the best. I definitely will be reordering.

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