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Drive Coffee Inc

Among the greatest drivers in racing history, one name sits near the very top, PROST. Only two drivers have won more Formula 1 Drivers' Championships, Michael Schumacher, and the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio. The legacy of the Prost name in racing is now carried on with the 8Js Brand, which is led by Sacha, Nico and Delphine Prost. 

We could not be more excited to collaborate on a special collection of coffees with Sacha and the team at 8Js. The 8Js name comes from the 8 drivers that made racing history whose names began with J. First on that list is the one and only Jim Clark. A driver with no equal whose time was tragically cut short. 

To pay tribute to Clark and his story, we've selected a Single Origin Mexican Coffee inspired by his Grand Slam Win at the Mexican Grand Prix. This coffee is an incredible example of what a quality Mexican Coffee can truly be.

TASTING NOTES: Creamy milk chocolate and roasted hazelnuts, leaving us all smiling that ultimately this is a coffee with notes of Nutella. 

Great for those that are used to darker coffees and appreciate a robust cup of black coffee, or those that enjoy creamer or sweetener in their coffees.

Collections: Classic Racing Collection

Type: Coffee

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews

Wow this coffee hits the spot. It had a slight sweetness to it. So you can drink black or just a hint of creamer! But nonetheless an awesome cup of coffee!!

Best Coffee - Hands Down

Drive coffee is the best whole bean home brew coffee I’ve ever had. 8J’s Jim Clark and the Le Mans both are rich in aroma and flavor. Great coffee!

Helps set my morning with the feeling of being in the winner circle!!

Roast and flavor is amazing! The smell from downstairs as it's brewing makes me reminiscent of days in the garage working on prep for Friday race!!!! Love it! Keep it coming!

Great coffee for cold brew, by far

I enjoyed the chocolatey, nutty notes that’s what I look for in a coffee. It’s my type of palette but I did notice that if you leave the coffee grounds steeping too long you start to get a more bitter taste and that taste reminds me of wine. I brew the coffee more than three days cuz I hate my cold brew tasting water down, 2 days is not enough

A very nice medium roast coffee!

As a dark roast coffee fan, I was a bit hesitant to order the Jim Clark Medium Roast Coffee from Mexico... but I’m glad I did! What originally caught my attention to this coffee was the unique packaging — since I am a huge race fan. And after reading some reviews, I thought I’d give it a shot... I was pleasantly surprised by the pronounced notes of chocolate, and the smooth finish. I am definitely a fan and will order this coffee in the future. The one thing I noticed, is that the coffee tasted better after letting it set back in the tin fo a couple of days after grinding, and letting the coffee rest a few minutes after brewing... Thanks again, Drive, for a very good product!

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