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Drive Coffee Inc


Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Maple and Cherries

Roast: Dark

Origin: Mexico

Processing Method: Washed

Recommended Brew Method: Drip / Cold Brew

This edition is inspired by the grit, work ethic, and determination of Detroit and the men and women that worked the factories that built some of America's greatest cars over the decades. For years, some of the most exclusive and historic cars in the world were constructed on the assembly lines in The Motor City. To complement that history, we've perfected our take on a dark roast. You won't find deep black beans covered in oil (the signature of burnt coffee). What you will find is a coffee that delivers that rich, dark-roast flavor while preserving the integrity of the bean. Perfect black or with your favorite creamer and sweetener.

Please note, to guarantee the freshest, best-tasting coffee, we roast all of our coffees daily, however if your order is time sensitive, please contact after purchasing.

Collections: 3.5 LBS CANS

Type: Coffee

Customer Reviews

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Marian Giesen
Delicious Dark Detroit Coffee

Love your Detroit Coffee Blend. Most enjoyable dark roasted coffee without any acidity. Would recommend it.

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