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Nitro Cold Brew 6-Pack

Drive Coffee Inc

Inspired by the 24 Hours of Le Mans and endurance racing, our first canned cold brew coffee beverage features an exceptional single-origin Colombian Coffee. We designed this product to taste great, provide a functional energy boost, and be conveniently enjoyed anywhere. Using a brew process that is unique to Drive Coffee, we've created a cold brew with exceptional flavor, smoothness, and nitro cascading effect.
  • Tasting Notes: Raw cacao, Toffee, and Almond
  • To ensure maximum nitrogen infusion, vigorously shake can for 20 seconds before opening. Open slowly, and dump can upside down in a glass.
  • This product requires refrigeration upon delivery.
  • 300 mg of Caffeine
  • Nitrogen Infused
  • Rocky Mountain Water
  • Please be advised due to high demand, this product may take a few extra days to ship.

Collections: Best Sellers, Cold Brew Coffee Drinks

Type: Coffee

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
I’ll be ordering these again!

1. I am not a “cold coffee” person, but the caffeine content was enough for me to pull the trigger. Absolutely worth it.

2. Prior to purchase, a reoccurring topic I saw was regarding price. If you consider the price of what subpar coffee shop products cost, without adding in drive time, fuel and other factors, these are a bargain! And don’t get started on “energy drinks” and similar.

These are well worth it. Personally, just having a few on hand to supplement normal Drive products is the best approach.

Overall, it is well worth it! It took me a can or two to get used to the cold brew flavor, but I did come to enjoy it. And the caffeine came on in a roll, never got jittery but could definitely notice an increased level of motivation in the work day.

Bravo to The Drive crew for continuing to churn out great products. I look forward to my next order.

stevie d
nitro for overdrive!

Love this smooth cold brew. I had started with the Monaco cold brew but glad I tried the Nitro. Very tasty on a hot day!

Tasty, but super powerful 300mg

Tastes good. I had not checked that it was 300mg before I started drinking it. Cut to 3/4 of the way through and I’m getting the caffeine shakes. Lol.
Tastes good though.
Price is a bit much, but you can see that before you buy

Excellent cold brew

Finding a good cold brew can be a challenge. I'm happy to report this cold brew is probably in my top three best cold brews. Drink COLD, it's best that way. It's very smooth and a good one for people who don't like the sweet cold coffee drinks.

My only gripe is the price. As much as I want to buy more to have a regular supply, I cannot reasonably afford to buy that much. Makes a great occasional treat though! Good job on the brew, Drive Coffee!

Cody Wilson
Incredible brew

Man, these have gotten me through the crazy fires/smoke in Oregon. I got them right before all the craziness happened here, and I’ve had one a day since. They taste delicious and have just the right amount of pep to get you through the day. Highly recommend!

Ryan Toan
5 stars for coffee 0 stars for USPS

Great coffee. Had lots of issues with shipping and receiving package.

John Morley
Taste great

Super good thanks!

Jeremy Wallace

Fantastic- strong and smooth

Barak Meinshausen
Rev Up

Delicious! No disappointments here!


Delish delish as is the Baja Latte. I combined both the other day and no shock delicious also! Taste is great, caffeine levels are perfect. Additionally, love the brand overall.

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