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TROPHY Edition 3.5 LBS

Drive Coffee Inc


Tasting Notes: Grapefruit, Brown Sugar and Toasted Hazelnut

Roast: Medium

Origin: Sumatra

Processing Method: Washed

Recommended Brew Method: Drip Coffee / AeroPress

This coffee was inspired by the legendary Camel Trophy Rallies, which took place in some of the world’s most exotic locations. From the jungles of South America and Indonesia, to Africa & the deserts of Mongolia, the Camel Trophy embodied rugged adventure. This coffee sources beans from Sumatra, the site of the 1981 Camel Trophy Rally. Beans from this part of Indonesia are known for their thick, full bodied, rustic flavors that can often be described as a mix of floral and earthy.

Please note, to guarantee the freshest, best-tasting coffee, we roast all of our coffees daily, however if your order is time sensitive, please contact after purchasing.

Collections: 3.5 LBS CANS

Type: Coffee

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Michelle Rodda
Awesome taste

Very smooth, yet strong coffee.

Excellent Coffee

Love the smooth taste of this coffee; excellent for a breakfast coffee and brews nicely in a drip maker but is delicious in pour over method!!

Dawson Rux
World’s best coffee

Ever since I asked for the Trophy Edition Drive coffee for my birthday, I have never looked back. Legitimately the best coffee I have had and ever will have.

Christian Acuna
My Go-To Coffee Now In Huge Sizing

I love the Trophy beans from Drive, and now that I have the 3.5lb my coffee addiction can be properly fed. My only problem with it is that I wish it were an FJ60 on the can like mine!

Jordan Schiefer
Bigger, is in fact, better.

I didn’t know if we could make it through 3.5 pounds of coffee in a reasonable time. Turns out, I forgot how good Drive Coffee is, especially the Trophy blend. Cold brew, pour overs, espresso shots, we ended up looking for any excuse to make coffee. No regrets. Already looking forward to the next gigantic package.

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