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8Js Jim Clark Edition 3.5 LBS

Drive Coffee Inc


Among the greatest drivers in racing history, one name sits near the very top, PROST. Only two drivers have won more Formula 1 Drivers' Championships, Michael Schumacher, and the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio. The legacy of the Prost name in racing is now carried on with the 8Js Brand, which is led by Sacha, Nico and Delphine Prost. 

We could not be more excited to collaborate on a special collection of coffees with Sacha and the team at 8Js. The 8Js name comes from the 8 drivers that made racing history whose names began with J. First on that list is the one and only Jim Clark. A driver with no equal whose time was tragically cut short. 

To pay tribute to Clark and his story, we've selected a Single Origin Mexican Coffee inspired by his Grand Slam Win at the Mexican Grand Prix. This coffee is an incredible example of what a quality Mexican Coffee can truly be.

TASTING NOTES: Creamy milk chocolate and roasted hazelnuts, leaving us all smiling that ultimately this is a coffee with notes of Nutella. 

Great for those that are used to darker coffees and appreciate a robust cup of black coffee, or those that enjoy creamer or sweetener in their coffees.

Collections: 3.5 LBS CANS

Type: Coffee

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
James Schroeder

Hope this coffee can continued to be purchased direct rather than having to order on Amazon.

Nick Bouzianis

8Js Jim Clark Edition 3.5 LBS

Glad we switched!

Found DRIVE coffee accidentally and glad we did! Being car enthusiasts, we love the design and ties to F1 - but the coffee itself stands on its own.
Smooth cup every time.

Vadim Ledvin
Great coffee

Wakes you right up

Morning routine

My mornings always start with a warm cup of Drive Coffee

Maya Wheeler

Still waiting for my delivery. Check back again later.

Jeanine Zoganas

We absolutely love this coffee. It’s bold and flavorful, and not the least bit bitter.

Teresa Gilberts

Love Jim. That’s why we ordered the large can!

Ryan Vance
Jim is the best coffee I've tried so far in my life

It's just so well balanced and so shockingly delicious

The best just got bigger!

Loving the bulk order idea! Keep it up, now a container can last for many Grand Prix weekends!! Seriously a cup (cups) of Drive are essential to the weekend morning tradition of watching F1 coverage. Can't say enough about this roast in particular, it's just spot on. Bold, but not too bold. Strong, but not overpowering nor bitter. It's like going all out on the straights but being nice and tidy in the turns.

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