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LE MANS Edition 3.5 LBS

Drive Coffee Inc


Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Toffee, and Almond

Roast: Medium

Origin: Colombia

Processing Method: Washed

Recommended Brew Method: Drip / Pour Over

Inspired by the legendary GT40’s that dominated Le Mans, perhaps the world’s most well known 24hr endurance race that occurs in France, this coffee is all about practicality and endurance. Only the toughest cars and drivers are victorious at Le Mans thanks to impeccable engineering, practical grit, and tenacity. Like the GT40, this edition is inspired by endurance, reliability, and refinement, resulting in an everyday, easy-drinking coffee that’s refined enough to enjoy black, yet also tough enough to stand up to creamer or sweetener.

Please note, to guarantee the freshest, best-tasting coffee, we roast all of our coffees daily, however if your order is time sensitive, please contact after purchasing.

Collections: 3.5 LBS CANS

Type: Coffee

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Jamie Cranor
Great coffee

I live this coffee.

Nicholas Gustafson

Great coffee

Le Mans medium roast

On par or better than many other beans ive purchased in the San Diego area and it gets delivered right to my door step! The packaging for the shipment was done very well so the containers were not damaged in any way.

Sandy T.
To COOL to open.

I bought the 2 LE MANS cans. One was a gift and the other is on display on my shelf. So I can honestly say I have not tried it yet. As for the gifted can, I was told it was fantastic with 2 thumbs up.

Amazing Coffee

Originally I bought the coffee because of the branding, I continue to buy it because of the amazing taste!

It’s the best coffee

We buy this just about monthly.

Dain Drake
Le Mans

So good, I could drink it 24 hours a day

Maya Wheeler

Smooth and delicious. Definitely a must.

Carlos Garcia
Awesome Coffee

I've ordered multiple coffees from Drive. I've tried many other coffees but Drive always seems to hit that perfect taste. Le Mans and Jim coffees are their best, in my opinion.

Mike Danner
Makes winter in the high country special

Mornings in the high country are just enhanced with the great taste and aroma of Drive Coffee

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